Shiatsu massage in Llanymynech, Welshpool (Powys) and Shrewsbury, Oswestry (Shropshire)

Victoria Marshall

Victoria is a Shiatsu practitioner based in the boarder village of Four Crosses in northern Powys, mid Wales. Having studied with The Shiatsu College Manchester, she has found Shiatsu to have life changing benefits for herself and others. She aims to support people with such issues as pain management, anxiety and sleep problems. Using Shiatsu Victoria helps to bring balance to the whole person and so benefiting a person’s general health and well-being.


Originating from Japan, Shiatsu is a holistic therapy influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu works to rebalance the bodies energy promoting and maintaining health, balance and wellbeing. A Shiatsu practitioner will use hands to apply pressure and connect with the energy channels throughout the body. Treatments can be given on the floor or in a chair and is received fully clothed.


At the beginning of a session you will be asked to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire, before making an energetic evaluation considering any symptoms you may have and your reasons for wanting a treatment. The treatment is given on a soft mattress on the floor, but can also be given on a chair.

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing. Through gentle stretches, rotations and applied pressure through palms, thumbs and elbows, the free flow of energy is promoted throughout the body. It is a deeply relaxing treatment promoting your bodies process of self-healing.

A treatment lasts 1 hour.


While promoting general health and wellbeing, Shiatsu can help with stress and tension as well as improving many other health issues including:


I thoroughly enjoyed receiving shiatsu massage with vicky. It has helped me feel a lot more balanced and aware of my body. I learned a lot about new ways of interacting with my body and it's surroundings in a more beneficial way. I have found I have had some health improvements in the time I received shiatsu e.g., less stressed, less pain and reduction in eczema to name a few. I would definitely recommend shiatsu to other people and will happily come back again for another course. — Rachael, Shrewsbury


Cost of a Session
1 Hour £35

Home visits are available


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